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Silk Protein Firm & Smooth Facial

"For: A touch of Luxury. Instantly smooths lines, wrinkles, dark circles for demanding skin"

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Acnoderm 9-Herbs Essence Purifying Facial

For: Acne-like skin. For impure, mature acne skin that is over keratinized, inflamed. Blemish-prone oily skin with large pores.

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White & Bright De-Pigment Facial

For: Lighten hyperpigmentation, brighten up skin tone, whitening with glow.

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Sensicura Calming Sensitive Facial

For: Skin Irritations, Hyper-sensitivity, fragile/weakened skin of Chemotherapy Patients

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Oxygen Mimic-Control Facial

For: Noticeably invigorating, visibly soothing. Esp. smokers, lack of lustre, pale, inactive, tired, nervous skin suffering from sickness, sleeping disorder.

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Hydro-Marin® Triple Hydrating Detox Facial

For: Overall Regenerating. Tonifying Moisture-deficient, sensitive skin

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Terra California Rebalancing Clarifying Facial

For: Oily, Combination skin. Pore-refinement. Uneven excessive skin surface.

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Poly-hydrating Kaolin Enzyme Facial (Express Facial)

For: ATP fuels skin cells Kaolin Clarifying. Aloe vera leaf juice boosts skin regeneration, also helps skin burn, skin irritation.

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