Healthy skin is our mission in life.

Manuel and Cica Spiller – the second generation – and Erich Wolsperger advance the tradition and innovation to define precisely the thinking and action.





Our expertise for well-being that is more than skin-deep

Intact skin is desirable skin. Because only intact skin appears attractive and healthy. For us at Dr. Spiller, this is both our motivation and our mission in life. We have focused on sustainable skin health for many decades. On this path, tradition and innovation go hand in hand. With powerful raw materials sourced from nature. Their extreme purity allows for a targeted effect and the best possible results. We place our trust in experience and authenticity. Yesterday and today, for radiant beauty tomorrow.

Meticulous development and production in our own labs sets us apart. Every single one of our products fully embodies Dr. Spiller. Authenticity is a privilege and a commitment. We leave nothing to chance. We know what works. Because we know what goes into our products. We retain proven ingredients and enhance them with innovative formulas to release maximum performance. Thus, we have developed Pure SkinCare Solutions – a contemporary world of beauty with solutions for all skin types.

For beautiful, healthy, perfectly balanced skin

  • • How does our skin protect us against external stressors?
  • • Why does it need an extra dose of skin care in this day and age?
  • • What makes our products so effective when used in accordance with the philosophy of Dr. Spiller?

  • Here are some interesting facts about the principle of action that makes our products so unique:

    Our skin and its structure

    Nature has designed our skin to effectively ward off damaging impacts and to perfectly absorb active ingredients as well as oxygen. The deepest layers of the epidermis are rich in water, whereas lipids dominate in the more superficial layers. This helps stabilize the natural skin barrier. Combined with an intact hydrolipid film, which forms the outer safekeeping of the skin’s surface, this ensures perfect protection. However, ever-worsening environmental influences make it increasingly difficult for our skin to maintain a stable skin barrier and an intact natural protective shield. When this protective system is impaired, the skin becomes prone to heightend sensitivity and a loss of moisture.

    Harmony of the skin

    Inspired by nature

    Stabilization of the natural skin barrier

    Noticeable skin health

    Increased stress increases the need for protection

    Environmental factors, pollutants, infrared radiation, electrosmog, free radicals – the list of things that stress our skin goes on and on, which is why our skin needs better protection and more support these days. One thing that has become clear is that the trend toward “light” products that we saw in many areas of life just a few years ago is now being overriden in the world of skincare. This is because precious lipids and oils, adapted to each specific skin situation, are essential to maintain a stable skin barrier than can optimally fulfil its protective function.

    Dr. Spiller – the best possible support for our skin

    An increase in external stressors means new challenges and heightened standards for the world of skincare. Challenges Dr. Spiller is well prepared for. Our emulsions contain precious lipids and oils for a stable skin barrier and are manufactured by means of a unique process, the HYTEC Emulsion System. They are modeled upon the skin’s natural hydrolipid film and able to seamlessly rebuild it.

    Active Ingredient Concentrate + Cream – an unbeatable combo

    In order to ensure optimal protection, maintain skin health that you can see and feel as well as improve the condition of any skin, we recommend always applying the appropriate Active Ingredient Concentrate before using a Dr. Spiller cream. This way, the skincare regimen exactly corresponds to the natural structure of the skin: A lipid-balancing cream applied after a moisture rich concentrate. Concentrates penetrate deeply into the skin for an intensive effect that works on the deepest layers of the skin. Depending on their purpose, our emulsions act on various skin layers, stabilizing the skin’s barrier and mimicking the hydrolipid film. This increased the bioavailability of active ingredients and ensures that moisture is sealed into the skin. Instead of working overtime to combat various of environmental stressors, the skin can now once again focus on regenerative processes. Dr. Spiller restores the balance of natural skin functions.

    The elements of sustainable effectiveness

    Uniquely pure raw materials

    The unadulterated power of nature continues to be our inspiration. Therefore, we use only ingredients of maximum biological purity. Dr. Spiller is characterized by the value we place on regional sourcing: our products are based on the finest ingredients, crystal-clear spring water from the Alpine streams of the Chiemgau and natural essences.

    Spring water

    Natural essences

    Careful processing

    Made in Germany

    High-precision refinement

    In order to maximize the effectiveness, we enhance your choice ingredients with precisely calibrated HYTEC formulas. Our refinement process leads to results you will see and feel, while also stabilizing skin health in the long term.