HYTEC Emulsion System

The Dr. Spiller HYTEC Emulsion System

Unique products inspired by nature

How can we best support the skin’s natural functions and health? Dr. Spiller has spent many years researching this issue and developed a revolutionary solution: The HYTEC Emulsion System.

The skin’s own protective film – the hydrolipid film – is the foundation of healthy skin. It is crucial in order to ward off environmental aggressors and maintain a balance of natural skin functions. A wide range of factors ranging from environmental stress to room temperature and skin care products affect this protective layer of the skin and its ability to function. Telltale signs of an impaired hydrolipid film are increased sensitivity, tautness or inflammation.

At Dr. Spiller, we have developed a unique system that serves as a basis for all our emulsions. They are modeled upon the skin’s natural hydrolipid film and therefore able to perfectly recreate its structure. Skin care products by Dr. Spiller immediately make up any deficiencies and restore the precise balance of natural skin functions. They regulate the skin’s moisture balance and optimize the absorption and transportation of oxygen.

What does HYTEC stand for?
  1. HY = HYdro (water, moisture)
  2. TEC = TEChnology (Technology)
What makes the HYTEC Emulsion System so special?
  • The HYTEC Emulsion System minimizes water loss and stabilizes the skin’s moisture level. This lastingly reduces skin dryness as well as premature skin aging. In addition, it enhances the bioavailability of active ingredients and allows them to be more efficiently transported.
  • The result: The HYTEC Emulsion System activates the skin’s natural functions to ensure healthy, beautiful, perfectly balanced skin.