Restructures the skin and firms facial contours

The exclusive DermTec Compund works on multiple levels to optimize the skin’s structure. Its two-stage firming impulses act on every layer of the skin: The tightly intermeshed complex of collagen and elastin supports the connective tissue and increases skin density. By simultaneously inhibiting facial musles, it gives facial features a noticeably more relaxed look. Expression lines and deeper wrinkles are visibly softened, while the skin regains elasticity and youthfully firm contours.

• Newer skin penetrating HYTEC technology
• Much more peptides – more modern formula
• Strongly skin-firming. Lift up skin of the cheeks
• Stimulate synthesis of both elastin and collagen
• Mimic-Control peptide reduces expression lines
• Inhibits breakdown of collagen fibers against skin Glycation [ skin hardening caused by excessive sugar ]



专属 DermTec 配方,多元性的不同高质量基肽,激生弹性蛋白和胶原蛋白,四面八方提拉起松垂皮肤和轮廓。同时缓解皱纹肌肉后的收缩讯号。软化表情纹。

• 更新进的皮肤渗透 HY-TEC 技术 
• 更多种的高质量基肽,更现代的专属配方
• 非常紧肤,迅速提拉起苹果肌 • 刺激皮肤自己产生更多的弹性蛋白和胶原蛋白
• Mimic-Control 基肽明显有效减浅较深表情纹
• 在皮层内抑制负性酶和过多糖分粘上胶原纤维带,防止皮肤糖累化,胶原带折断和皱纹变硬(干纹的出现)


1. Reduces the appearance of physiological wrinkles as well as their depth.
2. In-depth restructuring visibly firms the facial contours.
3. Enhances collagen and elastin fivers within the connective tissue.
4. Protects against UV-induced degeneration by helping to inhibiting collagenase.
5. Reduces the effect and extent of facial expression lines.


Apply skin-specific CELLTRESOR serum to face, throat and décolletage morning and evening after cleansing. Apply drops of the serum directly to the skin using the dropper and gently work into the skin.


CELLTRESOR Ultimate Peptide Serum provides simulated magical impulses to the skin to compensate the deficits of intrinsic and extrinsic skin raging and counteracting its progression. This reinforces the structure of the extracellular matrix, allowing it to appear thicker and supporting the epidermis. Restores vigor and elasticity, visibly reduces wrinkle depth and improves facial contours.

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