A precise formula of dazzling collagen re-building

• Newer skin-deep penetration HYTEC technology
• Base essence: 3 Hyaluronic acids of varying molecular weight
• Intensive Hydration: PENTALURON + COMPOUND of 5-fold high-performance hydration effects
• Plexus peptide and helixplantis (from oceanic red algae) acts on every layer of epidermis & dermis

Base: 3 Hyaluronic acids

• Intensive Hydration: PENTALURON+ COMPOUND
• + 5-fold Hydration Peptides & effects
• Newer & skin-penetrating technology: Deep to the dermis

Pentaluron+ Compound for Skin Hydration
A hydration complex with five-fold high-performance effect

By directly infusing five-fold hyaluronic acid and stimulating the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in a targeted manner, the moisture deposits are filled to the brim and multiplied. The delayed-release microstructure ensures constant long-term hydration and instant smoothing. Minimizes small facial wrinkles and lines while the elastic microstructure film instantly smoothes surface wrinkles

超层次保湿基酞 3 + 5 精华素


• 更新型深层渗透 HYTEC 技术
• 基础精华液:[ 三种分子型的透明质酸 ]
• 惊人的保湿:[ 五层保湿安基肽 ]带来 + 五倍的水合基肽
• 丛状肽和螺旋植物(来自海洋红藻)在表皮和真皮层的每一层都会发挥作用

基础:[ 三层分子的透明质酸] , 惊人的保湿

• [ 五种保湿安基肽 ]带来 + 五倍的水合基肽,保湿效果
• 更新和更先进的穿透皮肤 HYTEC 技术:能深入真皮层


[ 五层保湿安基肽 ]带来 + 五倍的水合基肽,让皮层内的水库长期处于填满丰盈状态,便可即时顺滑皱纹,减浅皱纹的深度。让皮肤表面充满柔滑感。


1. The high water-binding capacity of the hyaluronic acids leads to deep hydration.
2. More volume and a smooth, full complexion that is instantly smoothed.
3. Significantly bolsters the skin’s moisture reservoir.
4. Evenly and thoroughly saturates the skin with moisture by continuously releasing the active ingredients.
5. Their high dosage and fivefold high performance effect makes the three active hyaluronic acids with the two hyaluron-activating components a next-generation moisture booster.


Apply skin-specific CELLTRESOR serum to face, throat and décolletage morning and evening after cleansing. Apply drops of the serum directly to the skin using the dropper and gently work into the skin.


Fivefold hydration complex for instant smoothing. Every drop of CELLTRESOR Penta Hyaluron Serum instantly saturates the skin with moisture and anchors it there. This increases the level of activity in the thoroughly hydrated skin, optimizing many of its processes. The skin instantly appears refreshed. Small, superficial lines appear immediately softed with every use. Overall, the skin appears refreshed, smoothed and full.

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