Cold-pressed Jojoba wax beads.
Nutrients are mostly retained for skin.

Complexion appears refreshed and smoother. ORGANIC.

Minimum 7 great skin benefits

1. Can boost collagen production. Lightens wrinkles and scars thanks to its antioxidants powers.
2. Anti-inflammatory: Removes dead skin cells. Helps to tame chaffing and chapping
3. Reduces redness caused by drying and keeps skin calm. Because jojoba is an emollient, it soothes the skin and unclogs hair follicles.
4. Vitamin E and B-complex vitamins help in skin repair and damage control
5. Moisturizes. No skin-tightening after-feel.
6. Balances sebum production
7. Helps speed up wound healing


以冷压技术的荷荷巴微珠。仍然保留着 Jojoba 果的充分营养物质。肤色显得清新水泽,退去粗糙表面,回复柔滑感。


1. 含有高量天然抗氧化物,能减少皱纹和疤痕。因为有助促进胶原蛋白的产生。
2. 保湿肌肤,用后无干燥感
3. 抗炎,温和的去掉角质层和老旧死皮,顺滑和修补干燥的皮肤
4. 减少因干燥引起的发红,保持皮肤镇定,并疏通毛囊,由于荷荷巴油是一种润肤剂
5. 维他命 E 和 B复合维生素有助修复受损皮肤
6. 帮助伤口更快愈合,舒缓紧绷感,特别晒后皮肤
7. 平衡皮脂分泌


1. Instantly removes dead skin and clogging residue.
2. Exfoliate the skin without scratching or abrading.
3. Effortlessly unclogs and decongests pores.
4. May even be used on sensitised conditions.


Once to twice a week, apply a pearl sized amount of Jojoba Peeling Cream to perfectly cleansed skin using circular movements. Remove with plenty of water, pat the skin dry and follow with an application of the appropriate Dr. Spiller toner. 
For a milder exfoliation, apply a pearl sized amount of Jojoba Peeling Cream to slightly dampened skin using very light circular movements.

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