A power vitamin cocktail and Folic Acid spur on cell activity Immediate Effect: Rosy cheeks and firmer skin with illumination

• Stabilised Vitamin C 15% / L-Ascorbic acid
• Skin-identical Ceramide II
• Anti-aging Folic Acid [Vitamin B9]: Supports speedier cell division. Humans need to consume “ Folic Acid “ during pregnancy
• Stimulate more Collagen production
• Evening Primrose oil, a rare source of gamma linolenic acid oil
• Suitable even for light-sensitive skin
• Leaves the skin supple by fortfying the skin barrier
• Texture lipid 12%: feels lighter on skin than they look
• Vitamin B3: Repairs connective tissue.
• Vitamin B12: Re-build healthy skin cells’ DNA.

维生素 C 亮肤胶原面霜


• 稳定 15% 维生素 C / L-Ascorbic acid,可刺激胶原蛋白的产生
• 有与皮肤相同的 [Ceramide II 神经酰胺 II 型]
• 含有在怀孕期间也要食用的抗衰老叶酸 [维生素 B9 ]:支持细胞分裂,快速增长
• 来自月见草油,伽玛亚麻酸油
• 通过强化皮肤屏障使肌肤柔软, 让对光敏感的皮肤也能使用这款精华素
• 维生素 B3:修复皮肤的联结组织
• 维生素 B12:重建健康的皮肤细胞 DNA 基因

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