Boost the skin’s volume. Repair at the root cause of skin aging. Instantly reduce wrinkles. Moisture saturation.

Cell Protect Compound regenerates the epidermis

Optimized self-protection for skin cell longevity
The activating formula with liposomally encapsulated peptides and soy proteins fortifies ths skin cells in the epidermis, enhancing their protective functions. The result is a mechanism of action that helps prevent UV-related aging damage in a targeted manner. At the same time, a repair process resolves changes and damages in stem cell DNA. This maintains cellular potential and ensures skin cell longevity.

Reticular Compound regates the dermis

Effective reactivates & rebuilds the skin’s structure
A targeted-action, plant-based cell transmitter peptide stimulates cell communication, intensifying collagen and elastin synthesis. Connective tissue fibers progressively builds up the skin’s fundamental network, adding density. The reactivating “youth protein“ Mastix Crystal Extract completely rebalances cellular function and provides lasting firmness. Powerful moisture-binding properties of the FineLine filling system reduce superficial lines and wrinkles.

Rebuilding , Re-Boosting & Repairing at the root cause from the dermis. For demanding skin lacking vigor, elasticity, combating deep wrinkles

超层减皱基肽面霜 (较薄)


Cell Protect 优化表皮层,也助延长皮肤细胞寿命:

以脂质体技术封装的基肽,和大豆蛋白的活化配方,可增强表皮细胞的保护功能。达到一种针对性的防止因紫外线有关的皮肤损害和老化。同时通过这修复过程,解决干细胞 DNA 的变化和损伤。这便可以保持细胞潜力,帮助延长细胞的寿命。

Reticular 网状复合物,守护真皮层:



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